ICTAI 2011 Conference Program [pdf]

Conference Program for Smart Phones [Android][iPhone]


Registration (Boca Ballroom Foyer)

Sunday : 4:00PM – 7:00PM

Monday: 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Tuesday: 8:00AM – 4:00PM

Wednesday: 8:00AM – 12:00PM


Speaker Ready Room (Parlor I)

Speaker Preparation & Rehearsal

Monday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Tuesday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM

Wednesday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM



 Nov. 7 2011 (Monday)


Breakfast: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)

Conference Opening: 8:30 AM – 8:45 AM


Keynote Speech A

8:45 AM – 9: 45 AM (Boca Ballroom)

Machine Learning Approaches for Systems Biology and Drug Discovery

Professor Robert F. Murphy


Coffee Break: 9:45 AM – 10: 00AM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)

Parallel Morning Sessions (10:00AM-12: 05PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session A: Biomedical,  Bioinformatics, and Applications

Chair: Eric Gregoire

Regular: (20 minutes each)

13: A Hybrid Consensus and Clustering Method for Protein Structure Selection

Qingguo Wang, Yi Shang and Dong Xu


22: Discriminative Mutation Chains in Virus Sequences

Dhaval Patel, Wynne Hsu and Mong Li Lee


33: Flexible, efficient and interactive retrieval for supporting in-silico studies of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and of their endobacteria

Stefania Montani, Giorgio Leonardi, Stefano Ghignone and Luisa Lanfranco


263: Using Artificial Neural Network To Determine Favorable Wheelchair Tilt and Recline Usage In People With Spinal Cord Injury

Jicheng Fu, Jerrad Genson, Yih-Kuen Jan and Maria Jones


226: Itemset mining in noisy contexts: a hybrid approach

Karima Mouhoubi, Lucas Létocart and Celine Rouveirol


Short: (15 minutes each)

127: An Adaptive Neural Network Filter for Improved Patient State Estimation in Closed-Loop Anesthesia Control

Eddy Borera, Larry Pyeatt, Brett Moore and Anthony Doufas


243: Simultaneous Feature and Model Selection for High-Dimensional Data – an application to microarray datasets

Alessandro Perolini and Sébastien Guérif



Session B: Planning-I

Chair: Pavel Surynek

Regular: (20 minutes each)

20: Collaborative Approaches to Complementing Qualitative Preferences of Agents for Effective Service Selection

Hongbing Wang, Jie Zhang, Yangyu Tang and Shizhi Shao


87: Local Search with Configuration Checking for SAT

Shaowei Cai and Kaile Su


91: Dynamic polarity adjustment in a parallel SAT

Long Guo and Jean Marie Lagniez


95: Using a Goal-Agenda and Committed Actions in Real-Time Planning

Damien Pellier, Bruno Bouzy and Marc Métivier



Augusto Branquinho, Carlos Lopes and Thiago Naves


Short: (15 minutes each)

78: Key-Based Problem Decomposition for Relational Constraint Satisfaction Problems

James Lu and Sebastien Siva


272: A Planning Algorithm for Incorporating Attempts and Nondeterminism into Interactive Stories

Fabio A. Guilherme Da Silva, Angelo Ciarlini and Sean Siqueira


Session C: Learning and Pattern Recognition

Chair: Nikolaos Bourbakis

Regular: (20 minutes each)

52: Effective XML Classification using Content and Structural Information via Rule Learning

Gianni Costa, Riccardo Ortale and Ettore Ritacco


213: A simple hierarchical clustering method for improving flame pixel classification

Kleber J. F. Souza, Silvio J. F. Guimaraes, Zenilton Patrocínio Jr., Arnaldo De A. Araujo and Jean Cousty


248: A Selective Fuzzy Region Competition Model for Multiphase Image Segmentation

Vinicius Borges, Marcos Aurélio Batista, Denise Guliato and Celia Zorzo Barcelos


119: An Experimental Study on Learning with Good Edit Similarity Functions

Aurélien Bellet, Marc Sebban and Amaury Habrard


Short: (15 minutes each)


256: Segmentation of Touching Handwritten Digits Using Self-Organizing Maps

Everton Lacerda and Carlos Mello


53: A Mobile Automated Skin Lesion Classification System

Kiran Ramlakhan and Yi Shang


116: Effort Prediction Models using Self-Organizing Maps for Embedded Software Development Projects

Kazunori Iwata, Tohoshiro Nakashima, Yoshiyuki Anan and Naohiro Ishii


Lunch break: 12:15 PM – 13: 30PM (Tended Courtyard & Boca Ballroom)


Parallel Afternoon Sessions (13:30PM – 3:00PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session D: Behavior Modeling and Social Computing

Chair: Friedhelm Schwenker

Regular: (20 minutes each)



89: Learning to achieve social rationality using tag mechanism in repeated interactions

Jianye Hao and Ho-Fung Leung



Diana Cavalcanti, Shreyasee Pradhan, Jatin Shah, Ricardo Prudencio and Ricardo Pietrobon


222: An Epidemic Model for News Spreading on Twitter

Saeed Abdullah and Xindong Wu


221: Using HMMs for Discriminating Mobile from Static Objects in a 3D Occupancy Grid

Amandine Dubois, Abdallah Dib, Francois Charpillet and Cedric Rose


Short: (15 minutes each)


169: Homogeneous Ensemble Selection through Hierarchical Clustering with a Modified Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

João Fausto Lorenzato De Oliveira and Teresa Ludermir

Session E: Pattern Recognition

Chair: Qi Li

Regular: (20 minutes each)


59: Domain Adaptation with Good Edit Similarities: a Sparse Way to deal with Scaling and Rotation Problems in Image Classification

Jean-Philippe Peyrache, Amaury Habrard and Marc Sebban


96: Simultaneous Tracking and Activity Recognition

Cristina Manfredotti, David Fleet, Howard J Hamilton and Sandra Zilles


219: Scale Assignment for Imbalanced Points

Qi Li


Short: (15 minutes each)


118: Discrete exponential Bayesian networks: an extension of Bayesian networks to discrete natural exponential families

Aida Jarraya, Philippe Leray and Afif Masmoudi


142: Filtering by ULP maximum

Matthieu Carlier and Arnaud Gotlieb

Session F: Personalization & Recommendation

Chair: Xiaoyuan Su

Regular: (20 minutes each)

90: Cooperative Co-evolution with Weighted Random Grouping for Large Scale Crossing Waypoints Locating in Air Route Network

Mingming Xiao, Jun Zhang, Kaiquan Cai, Xianbin Cao and Ke Tang


Short: (15 minutes each)


85: Collaborative Filtering Based on Star Users

Qiang Liu, Bingfei Cheng and Congfu Xu


112: Does There Exist Relationship between Personality and Handwriting of Chinese Characters? A View from Image Mining

Zhanghui Chen and Baoyao Zhou


212: A formal approach to personalization

Georges Dubus, Fabrice Popineau and Yolaine Bourda


190: HappyMovie: A Facebook Application for Recommending Movies to Groups

Lara Quijano-Sanchez, Juan Recio-Garcia and Belen Diaz-Agudo



Coffee break 3:30PM – 4:00PM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)


Parallel Afternoon Sessions (4:00PM – 5:30PM)


Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session G: Multi-Objective Optimization

Chair: Wei Ding

Regular: (20 minutes each)

140: A Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization for Test Case Selection Based on Functional Requirements Coverage and Execution Effort

Luciano S. Souza, Péricles B. C Miranda, Ricardo B. C. Prudêncio and Flávia A. Barros


192: Portfolio Optimization through Data Conditioning and Aggregation

Elaine Wah, Yi Mei and Benjamin W. Wah


273: SMSP-EMOA: Augmenting SMS-EMOA with the Prospect Indicator for Multiobjective Optimization

Dung Phan, Junichi Suzuki and Pruet Boonma


51: A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm for Pruning Support Vector Machines

Mohamed Farouk Abdel Hady, Wesam Herbawi, Michael Weber and Friedhelm Schwenker


Short: (15 minutes each)

107: Boosting Indicator-based Selection Operators for Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms

Dung Phan and Junichi Suzuki


Session H: Planning-II

Chair: Ahmed Haidar

Regular: (20 minutes each)

9: Ant Colony VS. Genetic Multiobjective Route Planning in Dynamic Multi-hop Ridesharing

Wesam Herbawi and Michael Weber


139: Collective Decision-Theoretic Planning for Planet Exploration

Arnaud Canu and Mouaddib Abdel-Illah


218: A Complete State-Space Based Temporal Planner

Masood Feyzbakhsh Rankooh and Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani


171: Modeling Soft Global Constraints as Linear Programs in Weighted Constraint Satisfaction

Jimmy H. M. Lee and Shum Yu Wai


234: Exploiting Cardinality Encodings in Parallel Maximum Satisfiability

Ruben Martins, Vasco Manquinho and Inês Lynce


Special Session on TWM

Chair: Peng Zhang

Regular: (20 minutes each)

ST18: TopicView: Visually Comparing Topic Models of Text Collections

Patricia Crossno, Andrew Wilson, Timothy Shead and Daniel Dunlavy


ST10: Bootstrapping Multilingual Relation Discovery using English Wikipedia and Wikimedia-Induced Entity Extraction

Patrick Schone, Tim Allison, Chris Giannella and Craig Pfeifer


ST13: Extracting Scholar Information from Conference Web Pages

Peng Wang and Yue You

Short: (15 minutes each)

ST24: Lyrics-based Emotion Classification using Feature Selection by Partial Syntactic Analysis

Minho Kim and Hyuk-Chul Kwon


ST22: Detection and Analysis of Trend Topics for Global Scientific Literature using Feature Selection based on Gini-Index

Heum Park, Eunsun Kim, Kuk-Jin Bae, Hyuk Hahn, Tae-Eung Sung and Hyuk-Chul Kwon


Reception 6:00PM – 8:30PM (Boca Ballroom)


Poster Session : 6:00PM – 8:30PM  (Boca Ballroom)

24: Verbal Characterization of Probabilistic Clusters using Minimal Discriminative Propositions

Yoshitaka Kameya, Satoru Nakamura, Tatsuya Iwasaki and Taisuke Sato

44: Classification by Clusters Analysis - An Ensemble Technique in a Semi-Supervised Learning

Anna Jurek, Yaxin Bi, Chris Nugent and Shengli Wu

47: Feature Selection by Boosting the AUC Margin for Intrusion Detection in Virtual Machine Environments

Malak Alshawabkeh

49: Anytime heuristic for determining agent paths that minimize maximum latency in a sparse DTN

Achudhan Sivakumar and Colin Tan

64: Detecting Link Communities based on Local Approach

Lei Pan, Chongjun Wang, Junyuan Xie and Meilin Liu

75: Molecular Assembly Tool for Synthesizing Multitier Computer Networks

Sami Habib and Paulvanna Nayaki Marimuthu

80: An Improved Centroid-based Approach for Multi-label Classification of Web Pages by Genre

Chaker Jebari

88: Optimal Location of Distributed Generation Using Intelligent Optimization

Ahmed Haidar

100: Top Subspace Synthesizing for Promotional Subspaces Mining

Yan Zhang, Yiyu Jia, and Chunying Zhao

123: A Tabled Prolog Program for Solving Sokoban

Neng-Fa Zhou and Agostino Dovier

131: A new linear platoon model based on reactive multi-agent systems

Madeleine El-Zaher, Franck Gechter, Pablo Gruer and Mohammad Hajjar

134: A study of risk analysis methods based on uncertain event analysis in strategy decision-making

Rui Chu, Chifei Zhou and Youfei Cai

135: Local discretization for numerical data classification based on navigation in Galois Lattices

Nathalie Girard, Karell Bertet and Muriel Visani

159: NASS: News Annotation Semantic System

Angel Luis Garrido, Oscar Gomez, Sergio Ilarri and Eduardo Mena

177: Weight factor algorithms for activity recognition in lattice based sensor fusion

Jing Liao, Yaxin Bi and Chris Nugent

183: Design and Development of a Social Intelligence based Context-Aware Middleware using BlackBoard

Joohee Suh and Chongwoo Woo

191: A New Hybrid Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization

Vahid Azadehgan, Alireza Sooni, Nafiseh Jafarian and Deniz Khateri

199: Boosting Inductive Logic Programming via Decomposition, Merging, and Refinement

Roman Barták and Andrej Chovanec

202: Evaluating Tree-Decomposition based Algorithms for Answer Set Programming

Michael Morak, Nysret Musliu, Reinhard Pichler, Stefan Rümmele and Stefan Woltran

229: Machine-Learning Models for Software Quality: a Compromise Between Performance and Intelligibility

Hakim Lounis, Tamer Fares Gayed and Mounir Boukadoum

255: A Petri Net-based Metric for Active Rule Validation

Lorena Chavarría-Báez and Xiaoou Li

259: On Validating Boolean Optimization Solvers

Antonio Morgado and Joao Marques-Silva

261: The Logic of Hypothesis Generation in Kinetic Modeling of System Biology

Pierre Siegel and Andrei Doncescu

266: Solving Fuzzy DCSPs with Naming Games

Stefano Bistarelli, Giorgio Gosti and Francesco Santini

274: Cloud-Computing-based Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Gene Microarray Data Analysis

Rommel Benites Palomino and Lily Liang

281: Recurrent Neural Networks for moisture content prediction in seed corn dryer buildings

Daniel Elliott and Russell Valentine



Nov. 8 2011 (Tuesday)

Breakfast: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)


Keynote Speech B

8:30AM – 9: 30 AM (Boca Ballroom)

Professor Huan Liu

Understanding Collective Behavior in Social Media



Coffee Break: 9:30 AM – 10: 00AM


Parallel Morning Sessions (10:00AM-12: 05PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session I: Agent Systems-I

Chair: Sergio Esparcia

Regular: (20 minutes each)


18: Multi-Agent Diffusion of Decision Experiences

Xiaocong Fan and Meng Su


268: Enhancing the Quality of Recommendations Through Expert and Trusted Agents

Fabiana Lorenzi, Mara Abel and Stanley Loh


279: Under Uncertainty Trust Estimation Through Unknown Agents, in a Multi-Valued Trust Environment

Sina Honari, Brigitte Jaumard and Jamal Bentahar


293: A biologically inspired memory in a multi-agent based robotic architecture

Tomas Arredondo


92: Adaptive Routing Point Control in Virtualized Local Area Networks Using Particle Swarm Optimizations

Kensuke Takahashi, Toshio Hirotsu and Toshiharu Sugawara


160: Interactive Surface for Bio-inspired Robotics, Re-examining Foraging Models

Olivier Simonin, Thomas Huraux and François Charpillet



Session J: Pattern Recognition – II

Chair: Jean-Charles LAMIREL

Regular: (20 minutes each)

12: Combining Shape and Appearance for Automatic Pedestrian Segmentation

Yanli Li, Zhong Zhou and Wei Wu


79: Trajectory Outlier Detection Using An Analytical Approach

Elio Masciari


137: Maximum Margin/Volume Outlier Detection

Shukai Li and Ivor W. Tsang



Short: (15 minutes each)


292: A Fuzzy Logic Approach for a Software Effort Estimation Regression Model

Ali Bou Nassif, Luiz Fernando Capretz and Danny Ho


41: Multi-view Transfer Learning with Adaboost

Zhijie Xu and Shiliang Sun


240: 3D mapping of outdoor environment using clustering techniques

Olivier Aycard and Manuel Yguel


113: A bio-inspired model for image representation and image analysis

Hui Wei, Qingsong Zuo and Bo Lang



Session K: Text Mining

Chair: Yaxin Bi

Regular: (20 minutes each)

42: Personalized News Filtering and Summarization on the Web

Xindong Wu, Fei Xie, Gongqing Wu and Wei Ding


249: Combination of
Evidence-based Classifiers for Text Categorization


Yaxin Bi, Shengli Wu, Hui Wang and Gongde Guo


55: Managing Uncertainty in Text-To-Sketch Tracking Problems

Matthew Schmill and Tim Oates



Short: (15 minutes each)


216: How to Reason by HeaRT in a Semantic Knowledge-Based Wiki

Weronika T. Adrian, Szymon Bobek and Grzegorz J. Nalepa


200: Determining Degree of Relevance of Reviews Using a Graph-Based Text Representation

Lakshmi Ramachandran and Edward Gehringer


126: Improved Graph-based Bilingual Corpus Selection with Sentence Pair Ranking for Statistical Machine Translation

Wenhan Chao


167: Incremental Query Answering over Dynamic Contextual Information

Mohammad Oliya, Jian Zhu and Hung Keng Pung




Lunch break: 12:15 PM – 13: 30PM (Tended Courtyard & Boca Ballroom)


Parallel Afternoon Sessions (13:30PM – 3:00PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III

Session L: Parallel, Distributed, Ubiquitous, and Autonomous Computing

Chair: Luigi Portinale

Regular: (20 minutes each)

1: Distributed Coordination Guidance in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Qiangfeng Peter Lau, Mong Li Lee and Wynne Hsu


231: Cross-Organizational Cooperation Framework for Security Management in Ubiquitous Computing Environment

Mohamed Hilia, Abdelghani Chibani, Yacine Amirat and Karim Djouani


23: A Fast Parallel Branch and Bound Algorithm for Treewidth

Yang Yuan


Short: (15 minutes each)


35: Using Dynamic Decision Networks and Extended Fault Trees for Autonomous Fault Detection, Identification and Recovery

Luigi Portinale and Daniele Codetta-Raiteri


196: Toward Autonomous Search with Island Model

Adrien Goeffon and Frederic Lardeux


Session M: Structure Discovery

Chair: Jean-Charles LAMIREL

Regular: (20 minutes each)

233: Mining Non-Derivable Hypercliques

Anna Koufakou and Pradeep Ragothaman


257: Independence-based MAP for Markov networks structure discovery

Facundo Bromberg, Federico Schlüter and Alejandro Edera


157: Guiding VNS with Tree Decomposition

Mathieu Fontaine, Samir Loudni and Boizumault Patrice


Short: (15 minutes each)


76: A Center-based Community Detetion Mehod In Weighted Networks

Jin Jie, Pan Lei, Wang Chongjun and Xie Junyuan


104: Ranking in Co-effecting Multi-Object/Link Types Networks

Bo Zhou, Manna Wu, Xin Xia and Chao Wu


Special Session on FSDMML-I

Chair: John Sloan

Regular: (20 minutes each)

ST33: The Effect of the Characteristics of the Dataset on the Selection Stability

Salem Alelyani, Lei Wang and Huan Liu


ST15: Feature Selection for Vibration Sensor Data Transformed by a Streaming Wavelet Packet Decomposition

Randall Wald, Taghi Khoshgoftaar and John Sloan


ST16: Measuring Stability of Threshold-based Feature Selection Techniques

Huanjing Wang and Taghi Khoshgoftaar


Short: (15 minutes each)

ST28: Quantifying Features using False Nearest Neighbors: An Unsupervised Approach

Jose Augusto Andrade Filho, Andre Carlos Ponce De Leon Ferreira Carvalho, Rodrigo Fernandes Mello, Salem Alelyani and Huan Liu.


ST4: Feature Selection and Geometrical Complexity of Classification Problems

Iryna Skrypnyk


Coffee break 3:30PM – 4:00PM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)

Parallel Afternoon Sessions (4:00PM – 5:30PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session N: Agent Systems-II

Chair: Tomas Arredondo

Regular: (20 minutes each)

201: An Adaptive Sanctioning Mechanism for Open Multi-Agent Systems Regulated by Norms

Roberto Centeno, Holger Billhardt and Ramon Hermoso


260: A Case-Based Reasoning Framework for Developing Agents Using Learning by Observation

Michael Floyd and Babak Esfandiari


254: ReadAid: A Robust and Fully-Automated Readability Assessment Tool

Rani Qumsiyeh and Yiu-Kai Ng


185: Artifacting and Regulating the Environment of a Virtual Organization

Sergio Esparcia, Roberto Centeno, Ramon Hermoso and Estefania Argente


Short: (15 minutes each)

220: Multi-Agent Simulation Design Driven by Real Observations and Clustering Techniques

Imen Saffar, Arnaud Doniec, Stephane Lecoeuche and Jacques Boonaert


67: A self healing action composition agent

Mohamad El Falou, Bouzid Maroua, Mouaddib Abdel-Illah and Thierry Vidal

Session O: Learning, Evaluation, and Optimization

Chair: Xiaoyuan Su

Regular: (20 minutes each)

170: ROBUST Path Strategy Evaluator

Angie Shia, Farokh Bastani and I-Ling Yen


Short: (15 minutes each)


117: Adaptive batch SOM for multiple dissimilarity data tables

Anderson Berg Dos S. Dantas and Francisco De A. T. De Carvalho


168: Classification of hyperspectral imagery using GPs and the OAD covariance function

Sven Schneider, Arman Melkumyan, Richard Murphy and Eric Nettleton


242: A generic architecture for embedded perception in dynamic outdoor environment

Olivier Aycard, Qadeer Baig and Trung-Dung Vu


277: Incorporating Prior-Knowledge in Support Vector Machines by Kernel Adaptation

Antoine Veillard, Daniel Racoceanu and Stephane Bressan


Special Session on FSDMML-II

Chair: John Sloan

Regular: (20 minutes each)

ST5: Impact of Data Sampling on Stability of Feature Selection for Software Measurement Data

Kehan Gao, Taghi Khoshgoftaar and Amri Napolitano


ST17: Feature Selection on Dynamometer Data for Reliability Analysis

Janell Duhaney, Taghi Khoshgoftaar and John Sloan


ST30: Count Data Clustering using Unsupervised Localized Feature Selection and Outliers Rejection

Nizar Bouguila


Short: (15 minutes each)


ST23: Two phases Heuristic Construction of the set of useful features for Classification Task

Miguel García Torres, Roberto Ruiz, Belén Melián Batista, José A. Moreno Pérez and J. Marcos Moreno-Vega


Banquet 6:30PM – 9:00PM (Boca Ballroom)




Nov. 9 2011 (Wednesday)


Breakfast: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)


Keynote Speech C

8:30AM – 9: 30 AM (Boca Ballroom)

Professor Vipin Kumar

Mining Scientific Data: Past, Present, and Future



Coffee Break: 9:30 AM – 10: 00AM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)


Parallel Morning Sessions (10:00AM-12: 05PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session P: Planning & Argumentation Systems:

Chair: Stefano Bistarelli

Regular: (20 minutes each)

84: Real-Time Pedestrian Evacuation Planning During Emergency

 Tarik Hadzic, Kenneth N. Brown and Cormac J. Sreenan


97: ConArg: A Constraint-based Computational Framework for Argumentation Systems

Stefano Bistarelli and Francesco Santini


102: Equivalence of Logic-Based Argumentation Systems

Leila Amgoud and Srdjan Vesic


120: Numerical information fusion:Lattice of answers with supporting arguments

Zainab Assaghir, Mehdi Kaytoue, Amedeo Napoli, Didier Dubois and Henri Prade


Short: (15 minutes each)


74: Weighted argumentation systems: a tool for merging argumentation systems

Claudette Cayrol and Marie-Christine Lagasquie


93: Identifying the core of logic-based argumentation systems

Leila Amgoud, Besnard Philippe and Srdjan Vesic


198: Disassembling and Reconstructing Algorithms for Discrete Event Systems

Xuena Geng, Dantong Ouyang and Jinsong Guo




Session Q: Ontology, Semantic, and Reasoning

Chair: Xinxin Sheng

Regular: (20 minutes each)

287: Partition-Based Consequence Finding

Gauvain Bourgne and Katsumi Inoue


225: Equivalence Class Based Parity Reasoning with DPLL(XOR)

Tero Laitinen, Tommi Junttila and Ilkka Niemelä


Short: (15 minutes each)


27: A Decomposition-based Approach to OWL DL Ontology Diagnosis

Jianfeng Du, Guilin Qi, Jeff Z. Pan and Yi-Dong Shen


70: New computational aspects in master-slave systems of semantic schemas.

Nicolae Tandareanu and Cristina Zamfir


172: A Unified Ontology Merging and Enrichment Framework

Mohammed Maree, Mohammed Belkhatir and Saadat Alhashmi


182: An augmented-based approach for Compiling Min-based Possibilistic Causal Networks

Raouia Ayachi, Nahla Ben Amor and Salem Benferhat


228: Contextual Decision Making in General Game Playing

Xinxin Sheng and David Thuente


Session R: Learning & Programming

Chair: Latifur Khan

Regular: (20 minutes each)

30: Adaptive Behavioral Programming

Nir Eitan and David Harel


151: Transformations Learning in Context of Model-Driven Data Warehouse: An Experimental Design Based on Inductive Logic Programming

Moez Essaidi, Aomar Osmani and Céline Rouveirol


122: Redundancy Elimination in Highly Parallel Solutions of Motion Coordination Problems

Pavel Surynek


31: MEDITO: A logic-based meta-diagnosis tool

Nuno Belard, Yannick Pencole and Michel Combacau


124: A New Hybrid Evolutionary-based Data Clustering Using Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization

Sherin Youssef


211: Using the H-divergence to Prune Probabilistic Automata

Marc Bernard, Baptiste Jeudy, Jean-Philippe Peyrache, Marc Sebban and Franck Thollard


Lunch break: 12:15 PM – 13: 30PM (Tended Courtyard & Boca Ballroom)


Parallel Afternoon Sessions (13:30PM – 3:00PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session S: Time series, String, Stream, Online Learning

Chair: Friedhelm Schwenker

Regular: (20 minutes each)

17: Time Series Discretization via MDL-based Histogram Density Estimation

Yoshitaka Kameya


125: Complete coverage for approximate string matching in record linkage using bit vectors

Marijn Schraagen


Short: (15 minutes each)


38: New Approach on Temporal Data Mining for Symbolic Time Sequences: Temporal Tree Associate Rules

Mathieu Guillame-Bert and James L. Crowley


58: A micro-cluster based ensemble approach for classifying distributed data streams

Guojun Mao and Yi Yang


176: Adaptive Shared-filter Ordering for Efficient Multimedia Stream Monitoring

Jun Li, Peng Wang and Peng Zhang


184: Approximate Online Inference for Dynamic Markov Logic Networks

Thomas Geier and Susanne Biundo




Session T: Constraint Satisfaction

Chair: Shukai Li

Regular: (20 minutes each)

10: Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Min-Max Quantifiers

Jimmy H.M. Lee, Terrence W.K. Mak and Justin Yip


150: Agile Asynchronous Backtracking for Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Christian Bessiere, Bouyakhf El Houssine, Younes Mechqrane and Mohamed Wahbi


115: A Combinatorial Optimisation Approach to the Design of Dual Parented Long-Reach Passive Optical Networks

Hadrien Cambazard, Deepak Mehta, Barry O&apos



Short: (15 minutes each)


284: A Simplex-Based Scalable Linear Constraint Solver for User Interface Applications

Hiroshi Hosobe


153: Consistency of triangulated temporal qualitative constraint networks

Assef Chmeiss and Jean-François Condotta

Combined Special Sessions on Monitoring and

Surveillance, and Stream Data Mining (SDM)

Chair: Nikolaos Bourbakis

Regular: (20 minutes each)

W-1: Toward a remote-controlled weapon-equipped camera surveillance system

Robert Bisewski and Pradeep K. Atrey


W-2: A Synergistic Model for Monitoring Brain's Changes: A Case Study

N. Bourbakis, S. Makrogiannis and D. Kapogiannis


W-3: ECG Beat Classification using Optimal Projections in Overcomplete Dictionaries

Alexandros Pantelopoulos, Member, IEEE, and Nikolaos Bourbakis


ST36: Supervised Learning for Insider Threat Detection Using Stream Mining

Latifur Khan


ST14: A Proposal for a Real-Time Burst Detection Method

Ryohei Ebina, Kenji Nakamura and Shigeru Oyanagi



Coffee break 3:30PM – 4:00PM (Boca Ballroom Foyer)


Parallel Afternoon Sessions (4:00PM – 5:30PM)

Location: Salon A&B

Location: Salon C

Location: Parlor II&III


Session U: Clustering & Classification

Chair: Latifur Khan

Regular: (20 minutes each)

209: Disagreement Based Co-training

Jafar Tanha, Maarten Someren and Hamideh Afsarmanesh


161: Weighted Nonnegative Matrix Tri-Factorization for Co-Clustering

Zhao Li and Xindong Wu


73: An Expandable Hierarchical Statistical Framework for Count Data Modeling and its Application to Object Classification

Ali Shojaee Bakhtiari and Nizar Bouguila


108: The One-Hidden Layer Non-parametric Bayesian Kernel Machine

Sotirios Chatzis, Dimitrios Korkinof and Yiannis Demiris


45: An Unsupervised Approach for Identifying Spammers in Social Networks

Mohamed Bouguessa




Combined Special Sessions on RSEC and SDM

Chair: Peng Zhang

Regular: (20 minutes each)

ST2: Adding Constraints and Flexible Preferences in Travel Reservation Systems

Salem Benferhat


ST8: Towards Optimal Active Learning for Matrix Factorization in Recommender Systems

Rasoul Karimi, Christoph Freudenthaler, Alexandros Nanopoulos and Lars Schmidt-Thieme


ST35: Incremental Kernel Mapping Algorithms for Highly Scalable Recommender Systems

Mustansar Ghazanfar, Sandor Szedmak and Adam Prugel-Bennett.


Short: (15 minutes each)

ST25: Self-Organized Hierarchical Methods for Time Series Forecasting

Fuad Abinader, Alynne Queiroz and Daniel Honda

ST12: Capability of Classification of Control Chart Patterns Classifiers Using Symbolic Representation Preprocessing and Evolutionary Computation

Kittichai Lavangnananda and Pantharee Sawasdimongkol


ST7: A covert communication method based on User-Generated Content sites

Qingfeng Tan, Peipeng Liu, Jinqiao Shi, Xiao Wang and Li Guo


Session V: Subspace Learning:

Chair: John Sloan

Regular: (20 minutes each)

99: EProbe: an Efficient Subspace Probing Framework

Yan Zhang and Yiyu Jia


138: Feature Filtering for Instance-Specific Algorithm Configuration

Christian Kroer and Yuri Malitsky


188: Similarity Calculation with Length Delimiting Dictionary Distance

Andre Burkovski, Sebastian Klenk and Gunther Heidemann


Short: (15 minutes each)


48: Transferable Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction

Wenting Tu and Shiliang Sun


178: RELIEF-C: Efficient Feature Selection for Clustering over Noisy Data

Manoranjan Dash




Conference Closing



November 3, 2011 (Final)