MAP 6264

Queueing Theory

*** Syllabus, Textbook and Assignments ***

Syllabus for MAP 6264

Lecture Summaries (Vimeo, Spring 2006)

Download Text (15.4MB) and Solutions Manual (4.9MB):

      Introduction to Queueing Theory - by Robert B. Cooper.

      Solutions Manual - by Børge Tilt.

      Right-click the link and choose "Save Target/Link as..." to save the file to your hard drive.


Homework 1  - (Blocked Customers Cleared)
Homework 2  - (Reliable Intuition?)
Homework 3  - (Blocked Customers Delayed)
Homework 4  - (Finite-Source Input, BCC)
Homework 5  - (M/M/1/n)
Homework 6  - (M/D/1/n)
Homework 7  - (D/M/1/n)
Take-Home Exam - (M/G/1 with Vacations)
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