Grants and Contracts


Federal Grants

Fault-Tolerant Adaptive and Minimal Routing in Mesh-Connected Multicomputers (NSF grant CCR 9900646, PI)

A Dominating-Set-Based Routing Scheme in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks (NSF grant ANI 0073736, PI)

A Low-Cost Parallel/Distributed Laboratory (NSF grant EIA 0130806, PI)

 Energy Efficient Communication in Sensor Networks (NSF grant CCR 0329741, PI)

International Workshop on Theoretical and Algorithmic Aspects of Sensor, Ad Hoc Wireless, and Peer-to-Peer Networks (NSF grant CCR 0335238, PI)

 Wireless and Sensor Networking Laboratory (NSF grant CNS 0422762, Co-PI)

 Efficient and Localized Broadcasting in Ad Hoc Networks (NSF grant CNS 0434533, PI)

 Acquisition of a NUMA-based Supercluster for High Performance
Computing (NSF grant CNS 0521410, PI)

 Dynamic Carrier-Assisted Routing in Mobile Networks (NSF grant CNS 0626240, PI)

Secured Telecommunication (federal earmark grant) (Project PI)


Industrial Grants

Translation and Computer Implementation of Radio Service Software (RSS) (iDEN Subscriber Division, Motorola, Inc.)

Self-Organizing Cluster-Tree Design in ns-2 Platform (Florida Communication Research Lab., Motorola, Inc.)

Software Path Coverage (iDEN Subscriber Division, Motorola, Inc.)


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