Fault-Tolerant Computing
(Jie Wu)

Fault-Tolerant Interconnected Networks

The balanced hypercube as a fault-tolerant extension of binary hypercubes.
The extended G-network as a fault-tolerant interconnection for the multicomputers.

Fault-Tolerant Embedding

A novel fault-tolerant embedding method called consistently recoverable embedding.
Embedding of binomial trees in faulty hypercubes.
Fault-tolerant measurements of generalized hypercubes under the forbidden fault set model.

Fault-Tolerant Software
(with Dr. E. B. Fernandez)

Development of a scheme that can efficiently identify a set of fault-tolerant structures for concurrent software (IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering , IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems).
Ideas for a general framework for software/hardware fault-tolerance have also been proposed (Microprocessing and Microcomputers).

Fault Diagnosis and Design for Testability

A comparison connection assignment for fault diagnosis of multiprocessor systems. (Computer Systems Science and Engineering).
The use of function decomposition for design for testability.

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