Parallel and Distributed Systems
(Jie Wu)

Reliable Routing in Directly-Connected Networks

The development of a limited-global-information routing scheme, which combines desirable features from both local-information and global-information routing schemes.
The use of safety level and safety vector for optimal routing in hypercubes.
About a dozen papers published, including three in archival IEEE Transactions.

Special-Purpose Interconnection Networks
(with Dr. E. B. Fernandez)

Two extended cube-based interconnections: cube-connected cubes (Microprocessing and Microcomputers) and enhanced Fibonacci cubes (The Computers).

Context Model for Parallel Processing
(with Dr. V. Rancov)

Development of a new model for parallel computations.
Two simple abstractions for describing the location of a data object,
remote < somewhere > and shared.
An extended C language "conteXt C" to implement the features of the context model.

Circular Token as a Novel Synchronization Primitive

Circular token has visual appeal and is easy to use.
Petri net analysis of circular tokens.

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