Textbook: S. Basagni, M. Conti, S. Giordando, and I. Stojmenovic, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking, IEEE Press & Wiley Inter-Science, 2004.


M. Ilyas, The Handbook of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, CRC Press, 2003.

I. Stojmenovic, Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, John Wiley & Sons, 2002.

C. E. Perkins, Ad Hoc Networking, Addison Wesley, 2001.

D. P. Agrawal and Q.-A. Zeng, Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Systems, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2003.

Suggested Reading (in addition to class notes):


                    Chapter 1 of the textbook (page 1 – page 12)

                    Chapter 1 of Agrawal and Zeng’s book

                    A View of Telecommunications Network Evolution

                    Wireless Communication and Networking:: An Overview

                    Mobile Network Evolution: A Revolution on the Move



            Cellular Concept:

                    Chapters 5 and 9 of Agrawal and Zeng’s book

        Chapter 10 of Stalling’s book (Wireless Communications and Networks, Prentice Hall)

         Multi-hop Cellular Networks: The Architecture and Routing Protocols

         more references to cellular networks:



        Chapter 1 of I. Stojmenovic's book: Handoff in Wireless Mobile Networks

        Handoff in Hybrid Mobile Data Networks

        more references to handoff: http://www.ee.duke.edu/~kst/wireless.html


Location Management:

        Chapter 2 of I. Stojmenovic's book: Location Management in Cellular Networks

        On Location Management for Personal Communications Networks

        Performance Comparison of Location Areas and Reporting Centers under         Individualized Mobility Models

        Location Management for Next-Generation Personal Communications Networks


Channel Assignment:

        Channel Assignment Schemes for Cellular Mobile Telecommunication Systems

        A Graph Theoretic Approach for Channel Assignment

        more reference to channel assignment:

              Cellular Channel Assignment: a New Localized and Distributed Strategy





Ad Hoc Networks (overview):

        Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook

        Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Links

        IEEE Computer Special Issue on Ad Hoc Networking




        Chapter 3 of the textbook

        MACA - A New Channel Access Method for Packet Radio

        PAMAS - Power Aware Multi-Access Protocol with Signaling for Ad Hoc Networks

        Medium Access Control Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Problems and Solutions

        more reference to MAC

        The Effects of MAC Protocols on Ad Hoc Network Communications


Routing Protocols: Some Standard Protocols

        Chapters 9 and 10 of the textbook

        Ad Hoc Networking (C. E. Perkins)

        Links to Various Routing Protocols (old but well-known ones)

        Ad Hoc Protocol List

        A Survey of Routing Protocols


Routing Protocols (Cont):

        Chapters 9 and 10 of the textbook

        Analysis of Link Reversal Routing Algorithms

        An Extended Link Reversal Protocol in Dynamic Networks


Localized Algorithms for CDS and Clustering

        Extended Dominating-Set-Based Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks with Unidirectional Links

        Forward Node Set Based Broadcast in Clustered Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Simulation: ns-2

         Chapter 14 of the textbook

         The network simulator: ns-2



        Chapter 7 of the textbook

        Broadcast Storm Problem

        Generic Broadcast Protocol




        Chapter 8 of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Architectures and Protocols

        A Survey of Multicasting Protocols



Sensor Networks: General

        A Survey of Sensor Networks

        A Survey of Sensor Networks (slides)



Sensor Networks: General (Cont)

        Links to references related to sensor networks



Energy Efficient Design: Topology Control and Routing

        Chapter 6 of the textbook

        Topology Control of Multihop Wireless Networks using Transmit Power Adjustment

        Chapter 11 of the textbook

        Energy-Limited Wireless Networking with Directional Antennas: The Case of Session-Based Multicasting



Energy Efficient Design: Coverage and Exposure

          Coverage Problems in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks

          Minimal and Maximal Exposure Path Algorithms for Wireless Embedded Sensor Networks

           Slides for Exposure Problems in Sensor Networks


Security: Basic

            Chapter 12 of the textbook

            Securing Ad Hoc Networks

            The Resurrecting Duckling: Security Issues for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks\

            Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Challenges and Solutions

            Links to the Security Papers


Security: Routing

             A Secure Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

             Ariadne: A Secure On-Demand Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks

             A Security-Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks



Data Dissemination and Gathering:

           Directed Diffusion for Wireless Sensor Networking

           Span: An Energy-Efficient Coordination Algorithm for Topology Maintenance in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

           Negotiation-based Protocols for Disseminating Information in Wireless Sensor Networks

            Chain-Based Protocols for Data Broadcasting and Gathering in the Sensor Networks

            ASCENT: Adaptive Self-Configuring sEnsor Networks Topologies



Sensor Coverage:

             Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks

             Energy-Efficient Area Monitoring for Sensor Networks

             A Coverage-Preserving Node Scheduling Scheme for Large Wireless Sensor Networks

             PEAS: A Robust Energy Conserving Protocol for Long-lived Sensor




            Chapter 4 of the textbook