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Main interest is in the theory of probability and its applications, especially queueing theory (see Research Interests and Publications) and its applications in the analysis of computer systems and telecommunications networks.

Probabilistic models often reveal disagreement between the results of mathematical analysis and common-sense intuition; this observation informs and shapes his courses. The mathematical theory of queues provides examples of probabilistic models that are both intellectually interesting and widely useful in engineering.

A queue is a waiting line (like customers waiting at a supermarket checkout counter); queueing theory is the mathematical theory of waiting lines. More generally, queueing theory is concerned with the mathematical modeling and analysis of systems that provide service to random demands. In computer science, for example, queueing theory is used to describe the performance of the Internet.

A queueing model is an abstract description of such a system. Typically, a queueing model describes (1) the system's physical configuration, and (2) the stochastic (that is, probabilistic or statistical) nature of the demands, by specifying the variability in the arrival process and the service requirements. Mathematical analysis of simple queueing models often reveals surprising effects caused by this inherent randomness.

A natural example of a queue (click here)


BS (Science), Stevens Institute of Technology
MS (Systems Engineering and Operations Research) and PhD (Electrical Engineering), University of Pennsylvania
AT&T Bell Labs in the 1960s
Georgia Tech in the 1970s
Florida Atlantic University since 1978


Member  INFORMS,  IEEE,  SIAM,  Sigma Xi,  AAAS
IEEE Fellow (elected 1996, "For fundamental contributions to Queueing Theory and its applications in teletraffic and computer engineering").
OPERATIONS RESEARCH, Area Editor (Telecommunications), 1998-2002; Associate Editor, 1992-1998.
NAVAL RESEARCH LOGISTICS, Associate Editor, 1984-2007.
INFORMS JOURNAL ON COMPUTING, Associate Editor, 1988-2011.
OPSEARCH (Journal of the Operational Research Society of India), Associate Editor, 1979-1992.
INFORMS Nicholson Prize Committee, Member 1994.
INFORMS Lanchester Prize Committee, Member 1992.
INFORMS Applied Probability Society: Chair 1984-85, Chair-Elect 1983-84, Secretary-Treasurer 1976-77 and 1983-84, Council 1979-81. Best Publication Prize Committee, Chair 1996 and Member 1994. Erlang Prize Committee, Member 1996. First APS international conference, Boca Raton, 1981, Local Arrangements Chair and Member of the Organizing Committee.
INFORMS Technical Section on Telecommunications: Chair 1992-93, Chair-Elect 1991-92. Organizer of the biennial meetings in Boca Raton, 1990-2004.
RISK AND DECISION ANALYSIS, Member of Editorial Board, 2008-.

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