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Summit Co-Chairs

José Carlos Quadrado
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María Larrondo Petrie
Florida Atlantic Univ.
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Program Committee

Funso Falade
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Duncan Fraser duncan.fraser@uct.ac.za
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Claudio Borri
SEFI and U of Florence
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Lueny Morell
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Hans Hoyer
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ASEE Global
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Duncan Fraser
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Note to Summit Planning Committee Members:

Next Conference Call
: Friday Sep 12 14:00 GMT/UTC (10:00 am DC time)
Instructions - Please email Spencer s.potter@asee.org your phone number
Next Conference Call Agenda
1. Program schedule update -- Maria
    - see attached file - please examine carefully before conference call
2. Round Table - Claudio and Lueny
    Accreditation - Iring Wasser /
    Americas Region - Maria Petrie / Ramiro Jordan / Jose Loria Arcila / J C Quadrado
    Sustainability of IFEES - Xavier / Lueny 
    Global Student Forum Action Plans Follow Up - Julia / Adriana / Rajala
    African Region - Funso  / Duncan
    Asia Pacific - Yu Shouwen / Shetty
    - Should we cut the second set of Round Tables or leave them open?
3. Linking Summit to Assembly agenda -- Lueny
4. Summit Evaluation - Make it simple and link to objectives? -- Hans
4. Program book update -- Nicolo and Spencer
5. Sponsorship update - new Infosys sponsorship?  UNESCO any news?  any others? -- Hans
6. IFEES and ASEE web pages - Spencer
7. Registration counts - Spencer
8. Invitations to potential members and members - Spencer


**>>*SUMMIT PROGRAM BOOK - (ver. Sept 17):

Download Sep 17 no bios for invitations: .pdf
            Download Sep 11 ver - no pictures - doc

Download Sep 4 ver     - WORD - editable but huge! -  doc (25.8 Megabytes 
PDF - printer friendly -            pdf (1.5Megabytes)
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Summit Administration Links
Notes onPast Meetings
Next Conference Call  Information and Agenda
Maps of South Africa and University of Cape Town and Tourism Information
Immunization and Health Information for South Africa  cdc.gov    places.co.za


IFEES (US$100) or AFEES/IFEES Registration (African:US$350, Non-African:US$450)
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(Advanced Registration ends October 1, 2008):
Payment in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank:
   Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or
   Check made out to "ASEE 2008 - Convention & Seminar Corporation" 
Online Registration:
or Fax/Mail Registration Form:  http://www.asee.org/conferences/international/2008/upload/2008-Global-Colloquium-Registration-Form.pdf
   Fax with copy of paymentto: +1 (202) 265-8504
   or Mail with copy or payment to:
       ASEE Global Colloquium 2008
       ASEE-Convention & Seminar Corp
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HOUSING - Reservations to be made directly with hotel with ASEE form to get special rate
Westin Grand Cape Town Arabella Quays
(Single ~ZAR 2,075, Double: ~ZAR 2,275)
   Convention Square, Lower Long Street, Cape Town 8000, South Africa
   Reservation to be sent to hotel: 
Southen Sun The Cullinan (includes Breakfast, Single: ~ZAR 1,705, Double: ~ZAR 1,905)
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Southern Sun Waterfront Cape Town (includes Breakfast, Single:~ZAR 1,518, Double: ~ZAR 1,727)
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2008 IFEES Summit Program and Information

(updated August 16)
       Download latest version:  xls   html  Printer friendly pdf
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IFEES 2008 Summit Theme
  • Aligning Engineering Education Initiatives for a Knowledge Economy
IFEES 2008 Summit Objectives
  • Advance understanding of the relationship between engineering education and knowledge economies
  • Share successful initiatives and best practices, and how they can be adapted to the developing world, with the goal of catalizing alliances to align initiatives and leverage resources to support knowledge economies.
  • Develop local, global, short term and long term action items, relevant to the participants'  organization or sector, that advance engineering education and knowledge economies.
  • Bring together global leaders from relevant sectors and provide opportunities to network to identify action items that advance common objectives, and to form alliances and working groups to advance these and report outcomes in the next summit.
  • Understand the needs and best practices/successes of IFEES member organizations (primarily engineering education associations) in order to initiate a dialogue that will enable IFEES to develop focused strategies to support development of its members in a focused sensible way (identifying needs of both developed and developing world eng educ associations)
  • Understanding the engineering education situation in Africa and how IFEES and eng education can support/help
Summit Target Groups
  • Leaders from all sectors (academia, industry, government agencies, NGOs, private sector, banks (World Bank), and students) interested in engineering education and socio-economic development
Summit Format
  • Highly interactive format consists of panels, working groups, round tables, a World Bank workshop, and an inspirational keynote speaker. 
  • Only the dinner keynote speaker and government policy makers follow a traditional format
  • Panel presentations are limited to 5-8 minutes to maximize time for discussion, questions and answers and interaction.  The online proceedings of the Summit will include more detailed documentation on the initiative for further reference.
  • The World Bank Workshop was developed specifically for this Summit in close collaboration with IFEES, and designed to be fully integrated with the Summit and support the Summit objectives.
  • Round Tables on the second day of the Summit are designed to support the process of aligning initiatives and action items, formation of working groups.   Each table will have a designated focus area to attract the special interest group.  The morning session will organize the tables by geographical region/sector and will discuss initiatives that target the region/sector, promote collaboration and set priorities within regions/sector.  The afternoon round tables will target focus areas of special importance globally, such as Accreditation, and the IFEES Strategic Ares. A desired outcome is the identification of potential projects/initiatives and their leaders to be considered for IFEES endorsement and incorporated into the IFEES Strategic Plan:
    • Vision: To foster and enhance the capabilities of an active global community of stakeholders empowered to advance engineering educationworldwide
    • Mission: Provide a global network to leverage the collective resources of members in fulfilling their individual missions by identifying, discussing and advancing common objectives of the
      engineering education community
    • Action Areas: Engineering Education Infrastructure; Research, Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Lifelong Learning

Round Tables
  • Desired outcome: To discuss alliances around new/proposed initiatives or expanding/adapting existing initiatives (like IUCEE in other regions, GEDC, LA Regional Eng Edu Initative, etc) that could be presented to the IFEES members for endorsement.
  • IFEES Initiative/Activity Endorsement Form http://www.cse.fau.edu/~maria/IFEES/Summit/IFEES_endorsement_ver2008.doc
  • Confirmed Round Tables: Topic - Leader / Rapporteur
    • Latin American Region - Leader: Maria M. Larrondo Petrie, Rapporteur: Ramiro Jordan
    • Accreditation - Leader: Iring Wasser


Next Conference Call: Friday, September 5 14:00 GMT (10:00 am DC Time)
Please send Spencer Potter s.potter@asee.org your phone and time to dial in if you
are joining late.

Call-In Instructions:
1) Individuals calling in from the Washington, DC area:
please dial 202-350-5769 to connect to the call. The conference PIN number is 4466#.
2) Individuals calling in from outside the DC area:

please email
s.potter@asee.org and b.min@asee.org with
telephone where you can be reached at the time of the call and ASEE will dial you in (so that we can dial you in toll-free).
3) If you get disconnected send email to s.potter@asee.org and b.min@asee.org and Maria and Jose Carlos will be on Skype - if you have a Skype account reach them at maria.larrondo.petrie
and jcquadrado via chat to get reconnected  

IFEES Summit Program Committee 
Call Leader: Maria Larrondo Petrie

AGENDA - 1 hour 15 minutes
[5 min]  0  Gathering
[15 m.]  1  Review of Program
                  Issues and Updates:
                  Is the whole WB Workshop limited to 50 or just the action dev session?
                  Autodesk is sponsoring 3 people (1 Minister and 2 Deans)
WBI Workshop and Global Student Forum, and Global Colloquium sched
                  Session & Table Rapporteur's and linking with Assembly
[5 min]  2. Funding Update - Funso and Hans
                  a.   Autodesk - $10,000
                  b.  Mathworks - $5,000
                  c. Any response to Funso's letter?
                  d. Enough to fund 2nd lunch and ExCo Dinner?
[5 min]  3.  Proceedings Status - Jose Carlos
SUMMIT PROGRAM BOOK - (ver. September 4) doc (25.8 Megabytes  pdf (1.5Megabytes)
[40 m.]  4  Delegation and acceptance of responsabilities
                  a.  Updating Program - Maria
                       updating IFEES and ASEE web pages - Dennis Cummings thru Spencer
                       sending email of latest program to speakers - Maria               
                       sending email of latest program to invitees - Spencer                
                  b.  Confirmation of Speakers and Round Table Leaders
                       1  Ministers
                             SA Minister & responses he receives from others Duncan
                             Minister Gago - Jose Carlos
                             Minister Bulaev - Claudio
                             Autodesk sponsored minister - Hans and Duncan (add to protocol list)
                             European Commission - Claudio
                             BEST moderator and panelist - Omer
                                  Adriana Garboan, past Vice-President of BEST- confirmed?
                                  Tim Govaert ?
                             Infosys participants - Hans
                             NSF Workshop rep - Maria
                             Keynote (get Title) - Claudio
                      2  African panelists
                             (UNESCO) - Hans
                             (WB - student/facultyrespondent/African institute) - Lueny
                             Nigerien - Maria
Round Table Leaders/Rapporteurs - Claudio and Lueny
Desired outcome is to discuss alliances around new/proposed initiatives or
                          expanding/adapting existing initiatives (like IUCEE in other regions, GEDC,
                          LA Regional Eng Edu Initative, etc) that could be presented to the IFEES
                          members for endorsement.   IFEES endorsement form

                          Initial Suggestions: Regions/Sectors/ActionAreas:
                          AM 1 African Region (Funso?/Duncan?)
                                2 Russian Region (Pokholkov?/Claudio?)
                                3 Americas Region (Maria/Ramiro Jordan?)
                                4 India and China Region (Shetty?/Li?)
                                5 (Industry/Bank/Gov. Sectors) (Lueny?/Allen Jacobs?)
                          PM 6 Accreditation (Iring Wasser/?)
                                7 Research/Deans? (Hasan?/Udpa?/JoseCarlos?)
                                8 Infrastructure (?/?)
                                9 Student & Lifelong Learning (Julia?/?)
                              10 IFEES Sustainability (Lueny?/Xavier?/Claudio?)
                  c.  Linking Summit to Assembly Agenda/Strategic Plan - Lueny

                  d.  Master List of Invitees (with emails) - Spencer     
                       1.  List of 2007 invitees and registrants + new members + observers
                       2.  ASEE International Division Members + ASEE GC Registrants
                       3.  GEDC members
                       4.  UNESCO African Deans' list and AEEA members
                  e.  List of Registrants and Onsite registration/issues
                       1. List of Registrants and Guest Registration - Spencer
                       2. Registration of World Bank Workshop
- Hans
                       3. Logistics and Timing onsite registration - IFEES + GC - Spencer
                       4. Cost of IFEES Only Guests
                  f.  Publication of Proceedings - Jose Carlos
                         Gather Speaker/Panelist bios
                         Provide draft of Proceedings with latest program for publication
                 g.  Fund raising - Funso and Duncan
                  h.  Budget & Local Arrangements - Duncan and Hans
                       1. Estimated Costs
2007 expenditures
                       2. Venu designation
                  h.  Participant Buses & Guest Transportation to Dinner - Hans

                  i.   Public Relations (Press/TV coverage) - Hans
                  j.   Marketing - Hans
                       NOTE: GC registration email announcement's  - no mention of IFEES
                  j.   Summit Evaluation - Hans
[5 min.]   5.  Next Call ?

Loose ends
Africans invitees (status)
     ? Cape Green (Cabo Verde) - Vice Rector of Engineering
     Mike Faborode, Vice Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Niger email?
     Femi Bamiro, Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

UNESCO Potential Participants? xxx - for UNESCO session in Summit

1. Peter Achi – Nigeria

2. Kwadwo Appiagyei – Ghana     xxxxx

3. J. O. Aribisala – Nigeria

4. Kayode Denloye - Nigeria     xxxxxxx
5. Matthew Luhanga – Tanzania    xxxxxx

6. Odette Flore Masso – Cameroon

7. N. I. Obasi - Nigeria

8. Jonas Redwood-Sawyerr - Sierra Leone  xxxxx

9. Raymond Tachago – Cameroon            xxxxx

10. Thomas Tamo Tatietse – Cameroon


             possible conflicting conferences world wide: (Maria)
                    1.  ISTEC Assembly - Malaga, Spain - Oct 20-24, 2008
                    2.  ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education - Saratoga, NY - Oct 21-25
                    3.  RCI Intl Conf on Eng Ed - Cartagena in October
                    4.  URIs Colloquium on International Engineering Education - Oct-Nov
                    5.  Frannie Léautier event - dates:
                    6.  Felder's Leadership & Service Seminar - Oct 19-20 

2007 - Istanbul Summit Links and Info

           Brochure/Flier - Suggested ABET-Style Format

2007 Program

2007 Proceedings

2007 Summit Web Page - IFEES

         2007 Invitation Letters sent by Maria
              2007 Invitation Letter to Speakers
              2007 Invitation to Panelists
              2007 Invitation to Participants

         2007 Spencers list of registered participants

         2007 Summit Evaluation

              2007 Evaluation Form
              2007 Summit Evaluation Summary

2007 Expenditures
              2007 expenditures

Important communications to keep in mind when designing the Summit

---- Motivation behind the format of the Summit in answer to Hans challenge question:
How do we position IFEES and how are we really different than the other international engineering education institutions?
Jack Lohmann's email
I commend Hans for continuing to gently challenge us and for his candor (below).  His question deserves thoughtful contemplation.  It is healthy for emerging organizations to periodically re-examine their stated objectives relative to their actions, especially those with no other models by which to benchmark, such as IFEES. 

While we have drafted some interesting materials describing what we aspire to be, it is our actions that really define who we are and how others view us.  From my perspective, our actions suggest we are more an independent organization of leaders from various societies speaking about global engineering education rather than action-agents working within our organizations and using our IFEES connections to initiate collaborations among the membership of our societies to help them achieve their global aspirations.  For example, the Summit is beginning to look like any other international meeting: presentations by well-known speakers (often the same ones that appear in our own society meetings) and less in the way of an annual business meeting to assess and evaluate our progress on collaborative actions among our societies.  I am concerned we are placing too much emphasis on advancing IFEES as an organization and not enough emphasis on advancing interactions among the membership of our societies, which I thought was the IFEES vision.  It is in this context that I believe Hans' question should be considered more deeply.

With best regards,


At 01:43 PM 2/11/2008, Hans Hoyer wrote:
Dear Claudio and all:  I very much appreciate your thoughtful comments, Claudio.  Speaking in total transparency, my key concern is for us to translate our broad philosophical agreement around which all of us have passion into concrete activities and real commitments from all our IFEES members.  I am very excited that we have been able to identify and push forward a few cutting-edge initiatives.  However, I think that all of us agree that we should not ask what IFEES can do for us but what each of the members can do for IFEES and how do we translate our lofty ambitions into real measurable impact and commitments by our members.  Frankly speaking, I am concerned about the fact that, despite our membership which is now around 40 institutions, there are only about 15 or so organizational members who are actively and constantly involved in moving our agendas forward.  From my humble perspective I believe that it is essential to continually rekindle our commitment and engagement so that we can indeed be unique and make a lasting contribution to engineering education globally. I am asking for all of us to be leaders who are willing to roll up our sleeves and who will make a commitment to move forward some very specific actions.  Forgive me for pushing this point and for continuing to challenge all of us. I very much look forward to our ongoing dialogue.  Warm personal regards to all of you from New Orleans, Hans

From: Claudio Borri [ mailto:ifees-president@sefi.be]
Sent: Mon 2/11/2008 1:52 AM

Hans is repeatidly asking us the core question on the existance of IFEES and I have followed with attn the interesting discussion on it: "How do we position IFEES and how are we really different than the other international engineering education institutions?" ... this was somehow clarified after the unanimous consensus expressed to my "vision statement"
Motivation: "How can education in Science and Technology help to reduce poverty, to boost socio-economic development and take the right decisions for a sustainable and environmentally compatible development:

-----Original Message-----
From: "Hans Hoyer" <H.Hoyer@asee.org>

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 09:36:47
To:"Alan Jacobs" < Alan.Jacobs@autodesk.com>,"ANFEI representative" < sec-ejec@anfei.org.mx>,"Claudio Borri" < cborri@dicea.unifi.it>,"Claudio Borri 2" < ifees-president@sefi.be>,"Claudio Brito 1" < drclaudiod@rochabrito.net>,"Claudio Brito 2" < cdrbrito@supnet.com.br>,"Claudio Brito 3" < copec@copec.org.br>,"Claudio Brito 4" < copec@supnet.com.br>,"Direk Lavansiri" < direk.l@chula.ac.th>,"Duncan Fraser" < Duncan.Fraser@uct.ac.za>,"Fernando Echeagaray Moreno" < goty_760718@hotmail.com>,"Fernando Miralles" < fmirallesg@yahoo.com>,"Frank Huband" < F.Huband@asee.org>,"Funsho Falade" < ffalade@hotmail.com>,"Gabor Janos Deak" < gabor.deak@delphi.com>,"Gabor Janos Deak 2 - suggested cc" < diretoria-albertin@ryuma.com.br>,"Galimkair Mutanovich Mutanov" < Antonov@ektu.kz>,"Hans Hoyer" < H.Hoyer@asee.org>,"Hasan Mandal" < hmandal@anadolu.edu.tr>,"Hulas King" <kingh@ugs.com>, "Iring Wasser" <gf@asiin.de>,"Jack Lohmann" < jlohmann@gatech.edu>,"Jaime Salazar Contreras" < jsalazarc@unal.edu.co>,"Javier Paez Saavedra" < jpaez@uninorte.edu.co>,"Jesus Reyes Garcia" < presidencia@anfei.org.mx>,"Jim Melsa 2" <melsa@iastate.edu>, "Joao Rei" < joao.rei@gmail.com>,"Joao Sergio Cordeiro" < cordeiro@power.ufscar.br>,"Jose Carlos Quadrado" < jcquadrado@isel.ipl.pt>,"Jose Carlos Quadrado 2" < presidente@isel.ipl.pt>,"Krishna Vedula" < Krishna_Vedula@uml.edu>,"Kwang Sun Kim" < kskim@kut.ac.kr>,"Kwesi Andam" < kwesi.andam@andamchartered.com>,"Latifa Rezg" <rezg@enim.fr>, "Lueny Morell" < lueny.morell@hp.com>,"Maria Larrondo-Petrie" < maria@cse.fau.edu>,"Maria Larrondo-Petrie 2" < petrie@fau.edu>,"Mervyn Jones" < m.jones@imperial.ac.uk>,"N.R. Shetty" < istedhq@vsnl.net>,"N.R. Shetty 2" < isteorg@ndc.vsnl.net.in>,"N.R. Shetty 3" < iste@bol.net.in>,"Norbert Kraker" < KRA@bpa-graz.at>,"Omer Hantal" < omer.hantal@BEST.eu.org>,"Paulino Alonso" <palonso@ucv.cl>, "Qing Lei" < leiqing@buaa.edu.cn>,"Ramiro Jordan " < rjordan@istec.org>,"Regina Clewlow" < rclewlow@eswusa.org>,"Russ Jones" < rcjonespe@aol.com>,"Seeram Ramakrishna" < seeram@nus.edu.sg>,"Spencer Potter" < s.potter@asee.org>,"Wayne Johnson" < wayne.johnson@hp.com>,"Xavier Fouger" < Xavier.Fouger@3ds.com>,"Xavier Fouger CC" < Cedric.SIMARD@3ds.com>,"Yuri Pokholkov" < rector@tpu.ru>,"Yuri Pokholkov 2" <pyuori@mail.ru>, "Yuri Pokholkov CC" <ovb@tpu.ru>
Cc:Nicolò Wojewoda < nicolo.wojewoda@gmail.com>
Subject: IFEES Executive Committee meeting in Berlin February 26 during the SEFI Deans Meeting

Dear all: I will be sending to you the final agenda for that meeting sometimes next week. However, I would like you to know that we will be devoting app. 45 minutes to the following strategic discussion during the 3 hour meeting:

How do we position IFEES and how are we really different than the other international engineering education institutions?

Although most of you will not be with us in Berlin, I would really appreciate hearing from you so that your thoughts and reflections regarding this question can be shared during our forthcoming meeting in Berlin.
Warm personal regards and Happy Chinese New Year, Hans
Discussion on Objectives, Target Groups and Organization

2007 Objectives:
  • Share strategic developments, innovations, challenges and problems that engineering education organizations face around the world.
  • Identify the common problems that can be addressed by international collaboration

     Lueny's comments on Objectives:

understanding the needs and best practices/successes of IFEES member organizations (primarily engineering education associations) in order to initiate a dialogue that will enable IFEES to develop focused strategies to support development of its members in a focused sensible way (identifying needs of both developed and developing world eng educ associations)
understanding the eng education situation in Africa and how IFEES and eng education can support/help

We need to spend time with our members and possible future members to learn what they do best, what challenges they are facing and how we can leverage each other’s success stories to grow. And what better time than do this at the Summit where many of our members attend. We want members to have an opportunity to share, learn and go back home with something they can implement in order to enhance their organizations and eng education back home.The summit can provide us with good information for the Exec Committee to understand which initiatives we need to focus on with priority and look for leaders to develop/implement these.

Email from Hans re 2007 Summit Evaluation Results - 1/28/08
Sent: 1/28/08 4:30 PM
Subject: Evaluation of the First IFEES Summit in Istanbul

Dear all:  I have delayed in giving you a summary of the evaluative comments provided by a number of participants in our recent IFEES Summit.  I hope to provide you with a succinct note before our meeting in Berlin.  The bottom line, however, of the comments is that all participants deeply appreciated being at the Summit and enjoyed the learning and interaction.  The other key comment related to the fact that the Summit had too many speakers and that there was simply inadquate time for questions and answers and the creation of a space for genuine dialogue.
I want you to know that the planning committee for the Second Summit in Cape Town is strongly committed to have a Summit that is much more interactive/experiential, places less emphasis on "famous" speakers, creates opportunities for IFEES members to get to know each other and their respective experiences and concerns and will create an opportunity for a dialogue with policy/decision makers.  I hope that this summarizes the spirit within which the planning committee is working and I invite other members of our committee to comment.  Warm personal regards, Hans


Accommodation in the Western Cape
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Below are excerps from the SA PLACES - Southern Africa Places

Use the map below and drop-down box to find accommodation in hotels, guest houses, b&b's, game lodges, national parks, self-catering units.
Highlights of the Western Cape include:
Cape Town
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Table Mountain & Reserves
West Coast
Mountain Splendour
Garden Route
Cape Peninsula Park
Breede River Valley
Klein Karoo
Karoo National Park
Bontebok Park

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Mpumalanga is a province of impressive gorges, waterfalls, forests, and the natural home of the "Big Five".
More than 70 Game Parks and conservation areas, the largest number in South Africa, are scattered about the province, including the world famous Kruger National Park. Highlights include the Kruger Park, Pilgrims' Rest, Blyde River Canyon and the escarpment route and variety of private game reserves. The Sabi Sand area has a reputation that it offers the best game viewing you’ll find in South Africa with its great diversification of animal species.

The smallest, but most densely populated province in South Africa, Gauteng welcomes you to non-stop entertainment, quality shopping and the Sandton business area. Gauteng is the heartbeat of South Africa. Explore Johannesburg and Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, Soweto and a number of smaller towns.  Highlights include a variety of museums,  the Union Buildings and parks in Pretoria, 2 large zoo's, excellent restaurants and exciting nightlife. The Cradle of Humankind - a World Heritage Site - is 45 minutes from Johannesburg and is the world's richest hominid site.
The North West Province, with its capital at Mafikeng, is the ideal breakaway for tired city dwellers.  It will put you in touch with a more quietly, peaceful life. It provides nourishment to the soul. Highlights include Sun City, Pilanesberg National Park, Madikwe National Park and Rustenburg. Follow the N12 Treasure Route, traveling through the goldfields via the towns of Potchefstroom, Stilfontein and the gold fields at Klerksdorp.

Mountains and Bushveld are the compelling features of the Limpopo (formerly Northern Province) with Polokwane as capital. Scenic riches creates visual magic in diverse landscapes which are home to the largest population of wildlife in South Africa (and probably Africa as well.)  Highlights include the northern parts of the Kruger Park, Timbavati Game Reserve, malaria-free Waterberg game area. You'll find a diversity of cultures and historic sites - like Mapungubwe National Park

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