Dr. Michael Van Hilst

Research Professor / Adjunct

(Formerly Assistant Professor on the Davie Campus)

Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Van Hilst has an unusual depth of background that he brings to research, teaching, and work. An MIT graduate, he has 17 years of industry experience, in addition to his academic work. He has worked in City Planning (in Iowa), Astronomy (at Harvard and for NASA), Geophysics (in Paris), product development (for IBM), corporate research (for HP Labs), teaching (at Microsoft and FAU), and management (for high-tech startups). He enjoys both the intellectual pursuit of knowledge, and the practical pursuit of making things work. His current research interests are information security, project management, and process improvement.

Office Hours

- Monday evening, but time and place as yet unknown

- Other times by appointment
- Call my cell to confirm: 954 661-1473



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Spring Courses

ETG 2831 - Nature: Intersection of Science, Engineering, and the Humanities

MW 11:00-12:20, (Room: Athletic Center 122, Boca Campus)

This is a new course for the University. Everyone involved in its preparation has been excited about it.

Course syllabus

This course is about how we understand nature, and how others understood nature in the past. This is not an engineering course. There are no math or science prerequisites. Through readings, discussion, and simulations, we explore the foundations of understanding from the perspectives of history, art, science, and engineering.

ETG 2831 is a University Intellectual Foundations Program course (formerly known as "General Education").

If you are still wondering if you should take this class, read the course FAQ.

ETI 4448 Applied Project Management

M 7:10-10:00, (Rooms: Fleming 427, Boca; Liberal Arts 148, Davie; MP 114, Port St. Lucie)

Course syllabus

This course teaches the basic skills of project management. It is much as Dr. Levow has taught it in past semesters, with a few updates. The textbook is very good. We will cover the basic management skills and project documents. In assignments, students will produce and then refine project documents of each type.

COT 4935 Senior Seminar

W 2:00-2:50 (Room: General Classrooms South 111)

Course syllabus

This course is about ethics and communications. Students will write essays and give frequent short presentations in class on issues involving ethics.

Non-University Contact Information:
E_Mail: vanhilst@acm.org