ICDM Tao Li Award 

ICDM Tao Li Award was established in December 2017. The purpose of the award is to honor Professor Tao Li´s life and accomplishment, and reward excellent early career researchers (individuals either in a doctoral program or who have received a doctoral degree less than 10 years prior to receiving the Award) in the field of data mining and machine learning. Each year, starting from 2018, the ICDM steering committee will form an ad-hoc award committee to select one awardee to receive the Tao Li award. The award, worth $2,000 in check, for one awardee, will be given out once a year at the annual IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM). The Tao Li Award was established through public donations, and is managed by the IEEE ICDM steering committee and the FAU Foundation.

ICDM Tao Li Award Winners 
Year Winners Affiliation PhD Deg. Year Citations (h-index)
2022 Tao Li Award
University of California, Riverside, USA August, 2016 5,300+ (h-33) *
2021 Tao Li Award
Michigan State University, USA May, 2015 18,500+ (h-65) *
2020 Tao Li Award
Purdue University, USA Dec., 2011 9,700+ (h-51) *
2019 Tao Li Award
University of Illinois-Champaign, USA Dec., 2009 10,000+ (h-44) *
2018 Tao Li Award
Helmholtz Center for Info. Security, Germany Dec., 2009 2,700+ (h-28) *
* citations and h-index are based on the time of application (not the current).

2022 Tao Li Award Selection Criteria 

Application Submission

Candidates should submit applications to ICDM.Tao.Li.Award.Committee@gmail.com, with following materials being included in the package (please include materials in one zip file, preferably compiling all documents as one pdf file):
  • A one-page executive CV of the candidate.
  • Response to the above selection criteria (2 pages maximum).
  • Certificate showing PhD degree awarding intuition and the time receiving the PhD degree (candidates currently enrolled in a PhD program can submit student ID instead).
  • One referee letter with referee's contact details and signature (preferably NOT applicant´s PhD advisor).

2022 Tao Li Award Submission Deadline

October 31 2022
2022 Tao Li Award Committee
  1. Dr. Stella Batalama (FAU Foundation Delegate)
  2. Dr. Dimitrios Gunopulos (Commitee Member)
  3. Dr. Jiawei Han (Commitee Member)
  4. Dr. Sanjay Ranka (ICDM-22 PC Co-Chair)
  5. Dr. Xindong Wu (ICDM Steering Committee Chair)
  6. Dr. Xingquan Zhu (ICDM-22 PC Co-Chair and Tao Li Award Chair, not to vote unless tie)
Additional Information

Any inquiries and questions about this year´s Tao Li award should be addressed to: ICDM.Tao.Li.Award.Committee@gmail.com.

For more information about the Tao Li Award or ICDM-2022, please access IEEE ICDM-2022 website.